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A Topical Quiz

Just for a change of pace ….. 

With what historical American event are the following people
indelibly associated, and who were they?  

  1.  Ralph Yarborough  

  2.  John B. Connally, Jr.

  3.  E.M. (Ted) Dealey

  4.  Clint Hill

  5.  Father Oscar Huber

  6.  Abraham Zapruder

  7.   J.D.

  8.  Malcolm (Mac) Kilduff

  9.  Jack Ruby

10.  Jesse E. Curry 

The answers will be provided in this space tomorrow.   

And on the off chance that you haven’t looked them up on the
Internet (I haven’t) here a few place names that will provide further clues. 

 1.  Love

 2.  Dealey Plaza

Stemmons Freeway

  4.  Parkland
Memorial Hospital


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