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John ******* Terry

One of John Terry’s more articulate teammates was
asked for his views on the recent court case involving Terry’s alleged use of a
racial epithet during an on-field contretemps with a black opponent, Anton

“Did you follow that stupid
******* trial?  I mean, what a load of
********!  We all know that Tel can be a bit
of a ****head, but what is the ******* point of spending all that ******* moolah
on a court case that must have cost ******* millions?  I mean, for using language that every ******
playing football uses every ******* day, on and off the field.  It means **** all.  Even the biggest ****** I know will tell you that.  I’ve called my old lady worse.  I tell you what, even that ****** of a judge
got it ******* right when he chucked out the case.  Now I hear the Football Association, a bunch
of useless ******* if ever there was, are going to stick their ******* noses
in.  And some other black ****, one of
Ferdinand’s ******* mates, is in trouble for calling Terry’s mate Ashley Cole,
a ******* ‘choc-ice’.  Gimme a *******
break.  I ask you, is this a free *******
country or what?  What’s the ******* world
coming to when you can’t call someone a black **** after he’s kicked you in the
***** and slagged you off for ******** his mate’s missus?” 

I agree with every other word.  


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