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Parlour Game

Here is a political parlour game for Americans.

How many of the following 33 character deficiencies, picked at random and listed here in alphabetical order, do you think it should take to disqualify someone from holding high political office?

Adversarial; arrogant; authoritarian; boastful; bullying; charmless; childish; cruel; deceitful; defamatory; delusional; disloyal; egotistical; humourless; immature; impolite; inarticulate; inattentive; inconsistent; insensitive; misogynistic; narcissistic; paranoid; racist; shameless; thoughtless; uncouth; uneducated; unfaithful; unpredictable; unqualified; vindictive; xenophobic.

What number did you come up with?

Now, for a bonus point, can you think of any existing holder of high office who can claim all 33 of them, and perhaps more besides?

Too easy, isn’t it?

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