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Passing Thoughts

I read in a newspaper today that FIFA, the scandal-ridden international football body, has an ethics committee.  What on earth does it do?

Also in a newspaper this morning, a new word appeared, or at least new to me:  Cankle.  A cankle, I gather from the article, is a swelling or lack of definition in the area between the calf and the ankle, a condition common to both sexes, but suffered by women who would like to have shapely legs.  There is, apparently, a cure for cankles, based on liposuction technique. 

Perhaps I should have known the usage, even if the word isn’t in any dictionary that I own.  But then I’m increasingly out of date with such phenomena, as I discovered this morning in my failure to identify most of the celebrities featured in the ‘Femail’ column in the Daily Mail, Britain’s popular middle-class tabloid.  Of the 40 ‘stars’ mentioned, 24 were completely unfamiliar to me and 10 I don’t recall ever having seen or heard.   My good fortune, I reckon. 

One final Ryan Giggs joke.  They’re making a movie about the Ryan Giggs affair, working title Searching for Ryan’s Privates

June 15, 2011

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