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The Randomness of Rants

I have been neglecting my duties.

 My rants of late have become ever more random, at least in terms of regularity.  My excuse is that I am engaged in another writing project, one that has taken up far more time than I expected, while also diverting my creative impulses.  My apologies.

I can promise no immediate improvement.   My alternative project continues, and shortly I am off to America – my first visit in over three years, incidentally – with a side trip to Cuba – where I will celebrate my birthday – thrown in.  Going back to my adoptive country generates mixed emotions.   One half of me looks forward to going, the other half dreads it.   I hope to be renewing contact with old friends and acquaintances, but I am afraid that I will be drawn into political discourse with those whose views I do not share.  That was never a problem a few years back, but by all accounts it is now.  Over here in Britain, Brexit has imposed a moratorium on any conversation that smacks of politics for fear that tempers will flare and endanger friendships.  I am told that Donald Trump has had the same effect in the United States.  I know several instances.

Why am I going to Cuba?   Because it is there, is the short answer – there being 90-odd miles off the coast of Florida, which as it happens is also on our itinerary.  I know lots of people who have been to Havana and they rave about the place.  I’ll find out soon enough if they are right.  If they are, I want to get there before it changes back to what it once was, half a century ago: a haven for Mafia hotel-owners and crooked American politicians.

Anyway, all this means that I might be ‘off the air’ for a few weeks.  I have a laptop, the technological means to keep ranging, but whether I have the will or the concentration while following a rather hectic schedule remains to be seen. 

So, another apology, this one in advance of the offence.

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