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What’s That, Darling?

What do you mean, I’m going

Oh, am I going to phone Jeff?  Sorry. 
Yes, I’ll call him ….

I misheard you.  I thought you said I’m going Mutt and

No, the one thing I’m not is
hard of hearing.

What’s that?  Do I fancy fish for dinner?

Oh, we’re meeting the Fishers
for dinner.  Sorry.

I don’t really enjoy the
Fishers.  He’s getting a bit doddery.

When did you say we’re
meeting them, May the seventh?

Oh, we may meet them on the
seventh.  June the seventh.

Yes, I’ll have the meat pie.  No, it’s not too late.

Sorry.  It’ll be ready at eight, you say.  That’s fine.      

What’s that?  Sara may make it over later?  That’ll be nice.

No I don’t want baked potatoes,

I thought you were talking
about Sara.  So she’s not coming?

Why on earth are you
yelling?  I can hear you perfectly.

Yes, I know the television is

No, it’s not awfully
loud.  It’s a very noisy programme.

Yes, I know it’s just a
nature programme, but birds are singing.

How about a bottle of wine
with dinner?

Oh, I didn’t know you’d just
opened one.

No, you didn’t tell me.  What are we drinking?

A Cote de Rhone.  Excellent! 

What?  Oh, you’ve got the phone.  Sounded like Rhone. 

Yes, yes, I’ve turned the
volume down. 

No, the windows weren’t
vibrating.  You’re being silly now.

Oh, Andrew’s waiting.  Tell him I’ll be right there.

Andrew?  Where are you?  There’s a lot of background noise.

You’re in the office?  You’re alone? 
Swore I could hear voices.     

You’ve sent me a letter?  I didn’t get any letter.

Oh, sorry.  Yes, I’m feeling much better.  Thanks for asking.

I’m very well indeed, as a
matter of fact, fit as a fiddle. 

Of course, the wife thinks
I’m going deaf.

You’re right.  They’re always trying to find something wrong
with us.

Hang on a second, Andrew,
you’re breaking up. 

Darling, please turn the
television down. I can’t hear a blessed thing.


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