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Your Author is Convalescing

It must seem as if your favourite ‘Rantor’ has gone AWOL.  Nothing in life is quite that simple.

As JJ would designate his wife, M, she has just had her sixth hip surgery (enough! I hear you cry) and now the poor darling, figuring all he would have to do is take care of his lady wife, is now in hospital himself.

Seems a perforated appendix has dragged him low and he is currently in the bowels (to quote him athough it’s actually on the first floor) of a local (well, 30 minutes from the house local) NHS hospital.

After suffering a terribly painful and exhausting weekend of all the indignities of pain and temperature and bodily functions, his darling daughter Sara, since M can’t drive for four weeks minimum, drove him to the first of two hospitals, which then sent him off to another NHS hospital which handles more A&E than the first, and finally put him in a bed (after about 8 hours of her schlepping him around and caring for the old man).  As S says, getting him a bed might not mean a good thing as M asked well, if he’s at least in a bed he isn’t still in the waiting room after four hours.

Suffice it to say he’s now attached to a drip, getting antibiotics and a ‘procedure’ awaits him. What it will be is a good guess.  Hopefully, the doctor will just remove the offending item and he can come home and recuperate. And continue his blogs…

So apologies from the master Rantor for this poor second. And in the meantime, and until he is back home, ranting again, direct all enquiries due to his health to M on and she will do her best to convey all and sundry messages to himself.

Of course you can always email the man himself on and I am sure he will be delighted to respond.

You stay safe all you readers and apologies for not being more like the master himself.

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