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Thank God it’s Monday

 An inexplicable feeling of mild euphoria has enveloped me this Monday morning. 

The sun is shining in a cloudless sky; England’s cricketers are about to wallop India’s; and the United States Congress has apparently reached a compromise on the debt ceiling – which presumably means that the Dow Jones average will not be plummeting today.  In short; I am bereft of anything to complain about in Random Rants.

I’m sure that this condition is temporary, certain in the knowledge that somewhere in the world some new disaster, natural or otherwise, looms.  Such is the nature of life on planet earth.  But for now, I’m content to enjoy the moment, seated in my lush English garden, with the newspaper, a cup of tea and a fine cigar.

Damn!  I should have left the newspaper indoors.  The usual dismal front page greets me: famine in Somalia, massacres in Syria, the country is running out of money to pay for pensions, and the football season is approaching.  The telephone rings; apparently there’s a serious problem with a pending business deal.

Looks like Rants will be resuming normal service sooner than later….

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